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    • training and workshops

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    • Optical distribution racks and their equipment
    • pre-terminated cables
    • cable systems and patchcords
    • accessories

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    • ensuring installation from own resources
    • certified partners

    We can make a training for you

    • to ensure 100% functionality and correct handling
    • technical supervision of installation

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    • after-sales care

    We can help you with the audit

    • a thorough audit of the current situation
    • identification of possible improvements and effective measures
    • optimizing the system for maximum performance and reliability

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The carefully selected components in our range guarantee the highest quality, innovation, and seamless integration.

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  • LISA system

    High-density distribution rack with a capacity of up to 7200 fibres

    • High-density distribution rack with a capacity of up to 7200 fibres
    • Lightweight and flexible design
    • Integrated cable management
    • Clear marking and identification
    • Scalability of racks
    • Space saving
    • Attractive price-performance ratio
    • CDR and NGR available in 300mm, 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm and 1500mm widths
    • Cross-Connect application of MIT and LC patching
    • Cross-Connect applications for welding/MPO-LC transitions
    • Inter-Connect application for welding/MPO-LC transitions
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  • IANOS and Sylfa HD

    Modular solution for high-density fibre management

    • Versatile and modular high-density fiber management solution with up to 144 fibers in 1U
    • Fast, easy and reliable moves, adds and changes (MAC)
    • Cable management, port marking
    • Integrated patchcord management
    • Attractive price-performance ratio
    • Installation variations – Above the rack, in 19″ rails, on the side of the rack (in the separation frame), or under the double floor
    • Front and rear insertion of modules possible
    • Easy handling of modules
    • Clear marking
    • Connectivity redundancy
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  • Local custom production

    Optical and Copper Connectors for Automotive, Industrial and OEM

    • Wide range of components for telecommunications and industrial environments
    • Over 25 years of experience
    • From consultation, and design to delivery
    • OEM production for premium brands
    • Complete customized systems for easy assembly
    • Fast, local production
    • Cutting, splicing, marking, stripping, crimping, soldering, injection moulding
    • Thorough inspection and testing process for each product
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  • Connectivity for demanding environments

    Military, transport, industrial and telecommunications applications

    • Cables for the military, broadcast, railway and petrochemical industries
    • Wide portfolio of industrial and Mil-Spec connectors for various applications
    • Cooperation with a number of leading manufacturers
    • Pro-customer consultation and development of new solutions
    • Rugged transceivers, media converters and switches
    • Cable harnesses for vehicle and industrial applications
    • Pre-terminated solutions on durable winding drums
    • Lightweight durable cables with IP68 quick connectors for easy installation
    • Quality service, fast repair, and thorough testing
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  • Pre-terminated solutions

    Belpros pre-terminated solution PLUG & PLAY

    • Cost savings of 50-60 %
    • Installation without specialized technicians and tools
    • Cat6, Cat6A, Cat7A solutions
    • Customized production of PLUG & PLAY pre-terminated solutions
    • Made by premium components
    • Fixed cabling meeting CPR standards
    • High-density solution (48 ports per 1U)
    • Production plant in the Czech Republic
    More information
  • Transceivers

    Quality transceivers for seamless communication

    • High-quality and powerful transceivers
    • Innovative technologies and behind-the-scenes know-how
    • Wide compatibility and years of coding experience
    • For a wide range of platforms (SFP/+, QSFP/+/28/56/DD, XFP, CFP, …)
    • ROSA multi-lambda components are integrated into transceivers from many manufacturers around the world
    • 95% market share of WDM components for the world’s first 100G LR4 CFP transceivers
    • Latest innovation: our micro WDM for 100G, 400G and 800G transceivers


    • Mobile networks
    • Datacentres
    • FTTH
    • Long haul connections
    • Fixed Access Networks
    More information
  • Passive WDM

    Innovative range of multiplexers in a modular 19" solution

    • Innovative upgrade ports
    • Maximising the potential of the transmission set
    • 400G+ support
    • Size and variability
    • For indoor and outdoor use
    More information
  • Active WDM

    Complete solution for Cube Optics and EKINOPS backbone transport systems

    • Intuitive setup and control
    • Control interfaces are designed to ensure the shortest possible operator response time
    • Active solutions that resist the elements
    • For mobile applications, the active transport device must also be operated in an outdoor unprotected environment
    • Easy setup
    • For the fastest and easiest setup, modules can be automatically configured to the point where they are truly plug and play
    More information
  • Polatis

    High-performance all-optical switches with the lowest attenuation on the market

    • Replacing manual patching with an automatic optical switch
    • Low operating and power costs
    • 24/7 open source surveillance software included
    • Online network health monitoring
    • Positive impact on ROI
    • Low price per port
    • Full integration into SDN
    • High configurability
    • High reliability compared to OEO
    • Response time < 30 ms
    More information
  • High density cables

    Our production in Louny produces by the highest standards

    • Cables with very small diameter
    • Space saving in ducts, grommets and firestops
    • Fibres with low bending radius
    • Quick and safe installation directly from the coil
    • Non-flammable and halogen-free materials (LSFH™)
    • Increased airflow and fire safety
    • Ready-made “plug & play” cable system
    • Scalable for common configurations (MACs)
    • Supplied with protective sleeve for stretching
    • Splices in 2-48 fibre bundles
    • Compact transition from cables to fan-out
    • LC-XD uniboot for convenient operation of high-density solutions
    • MTP to increase link capacity and speed installation
    • Ultra low loss components
    • Colour-coded connectors for easy identification of the used technology
    More information
  • FTTx solutions

    Network design and production of FTTx components

    • Fiber optic cables for FTTx applications – Drop, Feeder, Riser, drop cables, in-ground cables, suspension cables
    • Pre-terminated optical routes, interconnection cables
    • Racks for Central Office, house racks, floor racks, optical sockets
    • Passive optical infrastructure – splitters, CWDM, DWDM passive filters
    • Active optical infrastructure – optical amplifiers, transceivers, all-optical switches
    More information
  • Monitoring DC

    Environmental monitoring of non-IT technologies for DC and remote sites

    • support for redundant operation of two systems A and B (active-active or active-standby)
    • High performance data acquisition and storage (100,000+ sensors on commodity hardware)
    • archiving data in its full resolution for a long time (10+ years on commodity hardware)
    • monitoring and setting trends in the long term
    • customer portal, optimized for mobile devices
    • iPad-optimized management dashboard, displaying basic metrics in a clear way
    More information
  • Measuring devices

    For measurement and certification of optical and copper networks

    • Universal modular solution for network-wide measurement
    • Easy configuration and the possibility of later expansion
    • Combination of OTDR with Copper Interconnect Diagnostics in an All-In-One Solution
    • 400G Interconnect Diagnostics
    • Intuitive operation with a combination of physical buttons and a clear touch interface
    • Support for remote control and automation
    • Wireless, VFL, Fiberscope and other accessories
    • Durable design
    • Wide range of Power Budget
    • No need to use a ballast (accurate measurement from 0.5m from OTDR)
    • Simple and fast interpretation of measurement results
    More information
  • Ducting

    Routing and protection of fibre optic cables above and below racks

    • Dedicated fibre optic cabling system
    • Quick and easy installation
    • Simplifies planning and implementation in data centres
    • When properly designed, it guarantees the separation of redundant routes
    • Provides lateral support and bend protection
    • Provides better identification and faster access to cables
    • No special tools or knowledge required
    • Halogen-free, RoHS compliant
    • Conforms to the UV resistant standard
    • Fire resistant UL94/V0
    • Provides 100% lateral support for fibres
    • Radially protected guiding elements
    • Secure and sealed fibre protection
    • Compatible with all major brands
    • Resistant to electrical interference
    • No need for earthing
    • Reduction of operational failures and outages
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