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  • The history of our production department dates back to 1993, when it was initially part of the local network integrator Simac Technik ČR a.s. and was mainly dedicated to the production of interconnection cables.

  • Due to rapid growth, the department was separated in 1997 and an independent company Net Watch, s.r.o. was established.

  • Net Watch, s.r.o. bought out Bel Fuse Inc. in 2005 and renamed it Bel Stewart Net s.r.o. This new company assumed all of Net Watch's liabilities and activities and continued its operations.

  • In 2009 the company was renamed Bel Stewart s.r.o.

  • In 2023, through acquisition, it became part of PEI-Genesis and was renamed PEI/Genesis s.r.o.


Establishment of the company

PEI / Genesis s.r.o. was founded in 1997 by Catherine Deswarte. History about the establishment of the Czech branch, present, about the parent company PEI-Genesis and our team – information about employees. Despite her extensive practical experience, she is constantly learning and expanding her management skills. She likens her personal contribution to the development of the company to mixing an honest cocktail without a prescription. She is constantly thinking and deciding on the mix of the three basic ingredients, which are a good product, good staff and a good business strategy.

She considers as her greatest achievement the ability to do great things with narrowly focused products and a small family team. When work is done with the heart, the impossible is possible.


PEI / Genesis s.r.o. is a certified company, with ISO 9001 quality management certificate.

The main business of the company is the production of passive and active elements for telecommunications, development of applications for FTTX, interconnection elements for data networks and components for data centers, especially modern and unique all-optical switches, which, in addition to technical parameters, bring space saving, energy saving, lower thermal radiation.

The company successfully implements projects in the fields of telecommunications, datacenters, industry, banking and government. The company’s commitment is to provide its customers with complete system solutions that enable them to use their full potential in the long term.

The key activity of PEI/Genesis s.r.o. is its own production of telecommunication interconnection systems, development and production of passive infrastructure elements, including complete services from consulting, training, installation to long-term service.

The competitive advantage of our company is our focus on high quality, production exactly according to customer requirements and, since we have a large number of components in stock, we are able to produce the required products very flexibly and deliver them “Just in Time” (JIT). This is also related to the technical and technological equipment of PEI-GENESIS.

About the parent company PEI-Genesis 

PEI-Genesis is a leading global provider of individually designed connector and cable solutions. PEI works with you from design to delivery – we design custom connector and cable solutions that meet your specific requirements and then deliver service, speed and consistent quality that is unmatched in the industry.

Patented automation in factories around the world allows PEI to build connectors and cables to specific customer requirements. PEI develops custom interconnect resilient solutions for aerospace, energy, military, industrial, rail and medical environments worldwide.

More than 70% of the products sold are assembled to order. PEI provides a customized solution that is delivered quickly and with low to zero minimum order quantities. No other supplier can compete with our extensive capabilities in high inventory, low order volume and value-added. PEI-Genesis is also uniquely positioned in that it is a distributor with its own manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe and Asia.

With fast delivery and excellent service, PEI-Genesis provides access to the world’s leading brands in the connector industry, including Amphenol, ITT Cannon, Cinch Connectivity Solutions, Souriau and Sunbank by Eaton and Positronic.

PEI-Genesis also offers individual design and installation of cable harnesses through our engineering solutions group. With our in-house design capabilities, PEI-Genesis utilizes both core manufacturing and local partners to produce customized products according to your application requirements. As a distribution value PEI designs and manufactures cable assemblies to a wide range of standards.

PEI-Genesis was founded in 1946 by Murray Fisher and Bernie Bernbaum. PEI remains a privately held company, founded on the same traditions of innovation, integrity, teamwork and delivering outstanding results to its customers.

The company is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. PEI-Genesis maintains an AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system at its corporate headquarters in Philadelphia, PA, and manufacturing facilities in South Bend, IN; Southampton, UK; and Zhuhai, China. PEI-Genesis is also a certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE) in the federal government’s ( system.

Our team


Catherine Deswarte

Managing Director

The Czech branch of PEI-Genesis has been successfully managed and developed since 1997, when as an independent company NetWatch started the production of quality interconnection cables and LAN solutions in the Czech Republic. Her many years of experience and cutting-edge international know-how help her to manage the company so that all production remains of high quality, while the production programme responds flexibly to the changing needs and requirements of customers as well as to the turbulent technological developments.

“The customer is king”

An age-old business mantra


Daniela Jakodova

PR & Marketing Specialist

Before joining PEI-Genesis, Daniela lived abroad for several years, where she worked in promotion and marketing. She dedicates her skills and passion to promote and support the company's image and products. With her expert approach to marketing, she brings innovative thinking and the ability to create effective communication strategies, campaigns, workshops and expert articles to the firm. He believes in the power of a strong corporate identity and works diligently to build a positive perception of the PEI-Genesis brand.

“Passion is the source of our finest moments.”

Joss Whedon


Miloš Trinkmoc

Business Development Manager CZ & SK

Miloš is an experienced IT and telecommunications professional working for PEI-Genesis as Business Development Manager for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. With over twenty-five years of industry experience, he brings a wide range of skills and a deep understanding of business strategies to the firm. Miloš identifies new business opportunities and develops long-term relationships with customers. His ability to think strategically and adapt to changing business conditions makes him a key team member contributing to the success of the company.

“If football is an art, then I am an artist.”

George Best


Alena Švecová

Customer Service Manager

She started working for the company in 1997 as a production operator. Having mastered all the technologies, she became the production manager and after several years of successfully leading the production team, she moved to the customer service department. Thanks to his excellent and detailed knowledge of the production process, he is able to quickly assess various non-standard customer requirements and estimate whether a given product can be produced, how it can be produced and what will be needed for this.

“Life is like candy. You never know what you’re gonna taste.”

Forrest Gump


Iva Lacková

Customer Service

In PEI-Genesis he belongs to the customer care team, where he is mainly responsible for foreign customers and is very well versed in metal production. In the past she studied library science, but she was always very interested in modern technologies, so she later focused on the field of digitization. He uses his diligence and systematic approach, among other things, in the development of internal instructions and in the supervision of compliance with the ISO standard in our company.

“Have you looked behind the fridge? If I can’t find something, it’s almost always there.”

Cat, Red Dwarf


Barbora Kletečková

Customer Service

At the company, Bára is a member of the Customer Care department and will be the one you hear when you call us. She is always in a good mood and feels like a fish in water when communicating with customers. She was brought to our company by her colleague Iva and their chemistry from their student years is evident. Bára is also the head of our ISO team, which makes sure that everything in our company runs according to the standard and is in order.

“I’d rather explore life and make mistakes than do nothing.”

Sophia Loren


Radek Slováček

Technical / Pre-sales consultant

Radek is responsible for pre-sales technical consultation of customer solutions, designing, planning passive IT structures in data centers and optical networks. Additionally, you can meet him at trainings, workshops and seminars. He has worked on several data centre construction projects. He enjoys sharing his experience and achieving a meaningful and satisfactory solution.


Vit Cech

Technical / Pre-sales consultant

Vít is responsible for pre-sales technical consultation of customer solutions, designing and planning of passive IT structure. You can meet him at trainings, workshops and seminars. As an IT specialist and technician, he has gained experience in the areas of server management, networking, security and, most importantly, the ability to adapt any solution to the customer's requirements and infrastructure needs. They always try to get to the root of the problem to select the best solution.

“Never say something can’t be done, because there’s always someone who knows it can’t be done and will do it.”


Radek Pilař

Technical Manager

Radek is responsible for setting up, improving and controlling production processes in the manufacture of optical and metallic cables and connectors. For each job, he looks for a solution to produce it in the best and most efficient way. He previously worked in the aerospace and energy industries as a Quality Engineer. Thanks to his experience with the implementation of AS 9100, ISO 9001 and NADCAP standards, he is now very well versed in quality management and can set up complex production processes.

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

Brené Brown


Jan Luka

Logistics Manager

Jan is in charge of supply, product distribution, FIFO compliance and is responsible for the accuracy of stock records. His extensive experience and expertise in managing logistics processes has brought efficiency and fluidity to the company. Actively contributes to the success of the company by ensuring timely and seamless delivery of products to customers. Its strategic approach and monitoring of trends in logistics ensure that PEI-Genesis is at the forefront of providing excellent logistics services.

“The secret of success in life is not doing what we like, but finding pleasure in what we do.”

Thomas Alva Edison


David Podrázský

Process Engineer

David has worked in technology, manufacturing and industrial engineering for 23 years. In some manufacturing companies, he participated in the introduction of standardization and rationalization of work by modern computational methods, including studies of workplace ergonomics on assembly lines. He worked as a production manager for a multinational Japanese company for more than 11 years. He brought his knowledge and experience in this area to PEI-Genesis to increase productivity while improving work ergonomics.

I think there’s an equation that says

“Satisfied employee = satisfied customer”


Jitka Rolcová

Production Manager

He is one of the team members who worked their way up to their current position literally from scratch. From the position of an operator she gradually became the head of the metallic products department and later took over responsibility for the optical part of production. He focuses on personal and individual development when leading the team. He has the principle that even on repetitive, standard orders you can continuously improve. Along with the focus on results, however, it is also important to have the right motivation, a positive working environment and a team atmosphere.

“We only live once – so fully”